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We garner great satisfaction to be able to produce the highest-quality treats for your pets. We are equally involved in making pet parents responsible for a healthy environment as they play a vital role in taking care of their canines.

As part of one of the award-winning, well-established companies in the pet industry, Dog’s Dhadkan has the volume & commitment to meet your pet requirements and make the world a better place to live.


As responsible dog proprietors, we all should be already courteous enough to clean the dog poop. The best way is to dispose of your dog’s waste from open space, sidewalks, parks, yards, etc would go a long way towards protecting public health and making this world a safer & healthier place to live.

The best Eco friendly solution to get rid of the dogs poop are:

Bio degradable poop bags

With the increase in population in the city side, we have no outdoor space, bagging the dog's poop and putting it in the garbage is only the option we have. But instead of reusing plastic grocery bags, biodegradable poop bags would be a better choice. The dog poop will still end up in a landfill, but it at least has a short time to disintegrate.

Flushable poop bags

Flushable poop bags are the other option where your dog's waste gets disposed of down the toilet through the city sewer system.

Waste Digesters

The process includes the size of a bucket, which can be buried in the yard. You can open the lid, put the dog's poop in it, add enzymes and water once a week. The waste liquefies and mixes in the soil.


This is one of the highly recommended processes. It works like a waste digester, where you can add yard waste to it and use it as fertilizer but only for nonedible plants. The compost should never be mixed if planning for an edible garden.

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