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Our story started in 2003 when curiosity coincided with a traditional recipe. Two brothers Suman & Sujan Shrestha, their friend Nishesh Shrestha, and Kaos, the dog, discovered that dogs love Churpi. It’s a traditional Nepalese chew for people of the Himalayas. After spending four years, they created a healthy, savory long-lasting chew for dogs now known as Himalayan Dog Chew, re-engineering the traditional recipe by removing the fat & lactose content.

From a very humble beginning at a small local pet fair in Bellingham, WA to an award-winning company, we’ve led the pet industry with our innovative line of products, giving a new direction to our original hard cheese.

Our brand stands for people, pets, and progress. We believe in taking social responsibility for economic growth and literacy. Our company has been supporting farmers, women, and children all around the globe. Apart from that, we donate one textbook on selling every pound of cheese, which has led to building 175 libraries across Nepal.


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HIG-57, Lumbini Vihar, BBSR, Odisha, India 751021

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