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In the world of doggy treats, there are several dog chews available on the market.

Does Himalayan Dog Treat and Chews Boost Your Doggo’s Digestive System

In the world of doggy treats, there are several dog chews available on the market. However, if you’re a dog parent then it is most likely possible that you’ve heard of Himalayan dog chews. These new hard dog treats come in a wide range of textures and sizes to meet the demands of your dog.  Dog chews are natural and simple treats that keep your doggy happy and engaged. Hard chews also benefit the promotion of good oral health, the improvement of the digestive system, and the enhancement of immunity. Himalayan dog chews appear to be the greatest doggo treat option.

What exactly are Himalayan dog treats?

Now, the most important question that arises in your mind as a dog parent is what exactly are Himalayan dog treats?

Himalayan dog treats are hard treats prepared from Yak and cow milk and flavored with a pinch of salt and lime juice. When your fur-buddy eats and licks them, the hard treat breaks into tiny silvers and softens enough, allowing your four-legged buddy to enjoy his treat without any difficulty. They are just like cheese sticks that you can shop here at Dog’s Dhadkan for your doggy.

It promotes and assists in good dental health for dogs by acting primarily as cheesy hard chew treats, which enhance the overall dental health. With its texture, it helps prevent plaque and debris. The chew also helps your doggy to have fresher breath.

Himalayan Dog Treats: Healthy Treats

So now, let’s talk about keeping your doggy healthy with the help of these scrumptious himalayan dog treats.

Because it is obtained from healthy, free-range Nepalese yaks and cows, the Himalayan chews improve digestion for your four-legged buddy. The hard chews contain no bacterial growth and are therefore healthy for your dog’s digestive tract. These hard chews last for several hours altogether and thus prove to be a smart buy both monetarily and with respect to your doggo’s oral and digestive health. Protein is commonly included in Himalayan chews.

There are no harmful byproducts or preservatives in yak or cow milk. Several Himalayan clans have attempted various ways and techniques throughout the years to invent the appropriate texture and composition of dog chews. The master ingredient- yak cheese boosts your four-legged pal’s energy and will make it more enthusiastic. As there are no artificial substances added to the dog treats or used during the manufacturing process. These chews are naturally nutritious, easy to digest, healthy, and beneficial for your doggo’s digestive tract.

The most significant and ideal feature of Himalayan chews is that they do not include bulk fillers, allowing your dog to ingest only what they require to maintain optimum energy levels.  As Himalayan dog chews are made from organic and natural ingredients and have no preservatives which promote a healthy gut. These protein-rich chews include healthy levels of Omega-3 and calcium and are produced in a pure atmosphere at higher altitudes, which plays a vital purpose in keeping the treat healthy and organic.

Now when you’re aware of the benefits of Himalayan dog chews, then what are you waiting for what extra can these chews provide to your four-legged pal, then let us share a small secret about the company’s vision, we at Dog’s Dhadkan believe that mental exercises are very much essential as compared to physical exercise. These treats allow your dogs to relieve built-up aggression and work toward the betterment of your doggy’s mental health. While your dog enjoys his naturally healthy treat he is also continuously using parts of his brain by focusing on chewing the treat for longer durations.


Himalayan dog treats are well-known for their health advantages. With the proliferation of processed dog chews and harmful chew toys for pets, having a naturally healthy but nutritional dog treat is like a refreshing change. Therefore, Dogs Dhadkan is here to provide a wide range of Himalayan Yaky Cheese Chew, available in different sizes and bulks for all breeds and sizes. So give your four-legged pal natural healthy yet nutritious dog treats today and keep their digestive and oral health healthy.