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Dog Parent’s Insights on Chewing Precautions

Chew, chew, chew! That’s all my pup does all day long. Well, we feel you dear Doggo Mum/Dad! Chewing is your doggy’s favorite job. You might not have your heart at the right place if you are not drooling over the little puppy face that your doggo makes! But it is a complete contrast when the cutie starts attacking your favorite sneakers to satiate the chewing appetite. Do not think of fixing it as it is a natural approach. But what you can do for them is to look for a healthy chew. Let your fur angel gnaw on a delicacy that can be virtuous for their health too.

Well, a chew is what you need to pick for your dog to get him happily chew all day long. Visit Dog Dhadkan’s store to select savory-rich chews and treats for your dog. You will find chews in various flavors that your furry will love gnawing on. But while you get your dog some chews, you need to take a few precautions as well. Some cases have gone to an extreme extent of severity due to a lack of carefulness.

We are here to discuss the few imperative factors that dog parents should consider while buying chews for their furry.  A good chew can have many virtues for the health of your furry. It enhances the oral health of your dog. Besides, it also keeps them caught up, which contributes to their emotional and mental well-being. It also relieves your dog from toothache.

Catch the following pointers up to know the precautions to take before picking up a chew for your dog. 

Dog’s Age: 

Your dog’s age plays a significant role in picking up the right chew. Pups and adult dogs should be given a bit softer chew in comparison to adult dogs who have strong jaws. Chews are available for dogs as per their ages. Do not give your pup an antler or a chewing bone. Above all, it is a suggestion to observe puppies while they gnaw on the chews. There have been cases of puppies trying to swallow the whole thing, thereby causing severe internal injury.  Take a note of a few things when you offer a chew to your puppy- Note whether they are aggressive chewers and also check whether they try swallowing the whole thing or not. Tracing these patterns would help you buy the right kind of chews for pups. 

Like human beings, aging affects senior dogs as well. The elder dogs suffer issues of brittle teeth and weak muscles. Therefore, your old doggy must chew on softer chews.

Size and Breed:

The size and breed of your dog also contribute to making a good choice of chew for your dog. Small dogs will not be able to chew on big bones comfortably. On the other hand, the big dogs will chew up the small bones easily. 

Chewing Appetite:

Every dog is unique. You never know the response of a dog as it might be unusual. Some dogs do not have much chewing appetite. On the other hand, your dog might have an incredible. Observe that in the first place, and then buy a chew for your dog. You can take note of it by offering soft chews initially. Chewing appetite also depends on size and breed but not entirely.  Your dog might also be a light chewer who loves gnawing on his chews occasionally. There is a separate category of chews available for light chewers.


Most Dog Parents forget that flavors matter too. Your dog will not chew on something that is not a delicious thingy. Above all, as a dog parent, you should have a fair idea of the likes and dislikes of your dog.

Chewing Toys:

If you find your dog not being intrigued enough by the chew, try offering them using the chew toys. The idea is to keep the dog caught up with a healthier option. 

Note the Time:

Do not forget to keep a check on the time frame within which your dog finishes off the chew. If you find your dog bored, rotate the chew to the other side.

The Chewing Time: 

You cannot let yourself chew on something the whole day. Limit the chewing time to an hour or a couple of hours maximum at a stretch. 

Final Words:

These are the few that a dog parent must know before picking up a Dog Chew. Your dog would pounce upon the chew, but you need to set the control of how much is good and how much is not. Spoiling your furkid with much love is always an option until there is no harm to their health. These are the little choices that shape your dog’s health further. Here is hoping that we could get you enough insights on what precautions to take while offering chews to your dog. Much love and face lick to your folks!!!