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Introducing Hard Chews to Dogs for the First Time

How long will that innocent tilted face be an escape for you doggo after serious mischief like chewing on your sneaker? You finally settle on a delectable solution- a long-lasting chew! But what is the right way to introduce it to your fur buddy? Here is an insight on the same for you!

Overthinking about your doggo’s health and wellbeing is a part and parcel of being a dedicated doggo hooman. Your doggo is not used to long-lasting chewing treats. Hence, introducing them to these pieces of delicacies is a vital part of the process. Stay tuned to find the answer to your question.

What If you do not Introduce your Pooch to the Treats?

Your dog’s system gets accustomed to its daily regime. If you want to bring a new change to your fur baby’s life, you got to introduce it gradually. Your dog might suffer a loose stool due to the treats and chews, or the digestive system might show a hazardous impact if you are not careful while introducing chews to your dogs. 

Playing with the Treats!

Your doggo does not know what to do with the treats. If your doggo is having its first encounter with treats, you have to show them with a toy first. A fetch and hide game can excite them to hunt for the chew and chomp on it. 

The Five-Minute Supervision!

The digestive system goes to a shock when you introduce a hard chew. Acquaintance and a gradual feeding process get everything on track. You can try a five-minute supervision process for a good start. You need to hold the chew and let your doggo sniff on it. When your dog is excited enough for it, let it chew on it for five minutes. Check your dog’s stool and appetite for the day and repeat the same process for a week. If everything goes smoothly, your doggo is ready for the chew. 

Incorporation of Treats into the Regular Food Regime!

If you want to have an acing approach for your doggo’s health, a regime can work in your favor. Inculcate a habit so that your dog’s system responds to the treat the best way. Once they get accustomed to the new treats, your task is over.

Long-Lasting Chews on the Health of your Puppy:

Puppies find the teething phase tough to deal with. Long-lasting chews leave a soothing impact on their teeth. They enhance the development of healthy teeth and gums, leveling up the oral health of your dog. But, picking up the right chew from the market also has a significant influence on your dog’s health. Dog’s Dhadkan stores have a mind-boggling range of chews to give your pooch a soothing and toothsome chewing experience!


Your apple of eyes deserves the utmost care, and you are capable of giving you doggo that love! Here is hoping we could give you a wholesome insight on the right way to introduce treats for your dog. Spoil your chomping champion with much love!